June 27, 2023 3 min read

So, your precious embryo is now on-board, you are officially classed as PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) and you’re in the period known as the dreaded Two Week Wait (TWW). It’s the time most people find really difficult as it is just an anxious waiting game to see if treatment has worked.

So, I wanted to share a blog with a few tips on how to keep yourself sane through the TWW, and to help it pass a little bit quicker.

Keep distracted

During the TWW, it's natural to find your mind drifting towards the "what ifs" and endless analysing of symptoms. One of the best ways to avoid this is by staying distracted. Spend time doing the things you enjoy and seeing the people you enjoy spending time with, and the time will pass a little bit faster.

Think about what works for you - would you feel better taking time off work to relax, or would that be more stressful and being at work would be more of a distraction for you.

Lean on your support network

Surround yourself with supportive family and friends, or others who are going through IVF (they will completely understand how you’re feeling). Reach out to them, talk about your worries and how you’re feeling, and ask them for a hug when you need one. Talking to others that really understand how it feels is really validating, it shows you’re not alone and that what you’re feeling is normal. You can join my closed Facebook group IVF Support to connect with lots of other lovely ladies who understand.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care becomes crucial during this waiting period. Treat yourself to activities that bring you joy and help you relax. Take long walks in nature, indulge in a soothing bubble bath, practice mindfulness or meditation, treat yourself to a spa day or whatever you need to do to recharge. Prioritise your well-being and book something in to every day to keep you distracted and make sure you do it.

Avoid Dr. Google

It’s so tempting to keep consulting Dr. Google during the two-week wait! While it's normal to want to feel informed and check all the symptoms, remember that everyone's journey is unique so you may cause yourself more worry by looking. If you have medical concerns or questions, call your clinic to make sure you get accurate information.

Be careful when symptom spotting

Whilst it's tempting to analyse every twinge, cramp, or change in your body during the TWW, try to avoid reading too much into each symptom. You won’t know either way until test date so you’ll only cause yourself more worry and anxiety.

Manage negative thoughts and use positive affirmations

If you find you are struggling with negative thoughts that it won’t work, try to tell yourself that they’re not helpful, then distract yourself with something else. When I was in my two week waits I used to say to myself “There’s no use in worrying, it won’t help, it will only make me feel worse” and that really helped me when I felt wobbly about it not working.

You could also think of some affirmations that would be helpful for you to repeat to yourself, such as ‘I am strong and able to cope whatever the result’, ‘Be gentle with myself, I am doing the best I can’.

Take It One Day at a Time

The TWW can feel like an eternity, but try to take it one day at a time. Break it down into manageable chunks and celebrate mini milestones along the way. Journalling is a great way to do this, you can write down how you’re feeling each day and celebrate another day passing. At the end of the TWW you can see how far you have come.

So, take it easy on yourself, the TWW is tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Everyone that has been through IVF understands and will be there to support you - so find your support community - whether that is your clinics support group, my Facebook support group (IVF support) or on instagram.

Join the Facebook Group

My IVF Positivity Planner has a section dedicated to the TWW, giving you tips to cope and space to plan something in for every day. The planner is also a 12-week journal so you can journal each day about how you are feeling. It's a great resource to help you through treatment.

Find out more about the IVF Positivity Planner

 Take care and reach out if you’re struggling xx

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