The IVF Positivity Planner

The IVF Positivity Planner is designed to help you feel calmer, more informed and more in control of what is happening to your body, helping you feel in a better state for coping through TTC and IVF.

Inside you will find…

  • Coaching questions to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.
  • Coping strategies and advice on the most common worries that people have.
  • 12 weeks, undated journal pages to reflect on the positives from the day, your self-care time and actions you plan to take the next day to keep you feeling positive about your life.
  • Monthly goal setting on self-care and other areas in your life, with regular check ins for support.
  • A plan to support and guide you through treatment, with coping tips, space for writing notes in your appointments, knowing your support network and juggling treatment with work.

It is different to other journals in that it combines coping strategies, coaching questions to support you through treatment, daily journaling and exercises to help you feel in control.

Written and created by a qualified fertility coach and trusted industry expert.

I know all too well that it can seem difficult to make changes when you are feeling overwhelmed, that’s why this planner is here to guide you through IVF, to keep you going when you are wobbling and to help you take back some of that all important control and focus on you.

The IVF Positivity Planner has 12 weeks of undated daily journaling space, for you to record important information, how you are feeling and some questions to keep you focused on taking care of yourself.

It also features a specific treatment section, to help with the feelings of overwhelm many people feel when they are about to start IVF. It includes a plan to support you through IVF, to help you record all the important information you need to remember, to give you a daily plan for keeping yourself occupied through the TWW and coping tips for going through IVF.

The IVF Positivity Planner gives you a monthly planner to make sure you plan in something that makes you smile each day, and gives you activities, ideas and support in reducing stress, focussing on self-care and finding your support network.

Endorsed by leading fertility professionals, including the Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association and the Chair of the Royal College of Nursing.

“The IVF positivity planner is an amazing resource that I think that every person on an IVF or fertility treatment journey should have access to. It’s full of quotes and tips that really will help contribute to the emotional wellbeing of people on a fertility journey. I always encourage patients to write down or journal their fertility journeys to help cope with the emotional side of things as we know that fertility can be all consuming, so to have this special book that not only allows for jotting down thoughts and feelings but also encourages positivity by providing quotes and comments is simply amazing. It’s pretty much the well-needed hug in a book that so many people will benefit from."
(Francesca Steyn, Chair of RCN Fertility nursing forum, Director Fertility Services at Peppy and Fertility Nurse Specialist)

The planner is A5 size so is ideal to fit in your handbag and it is the perfect gift for someone you know that is going through IVF.

Going through IVF can be tough emotionally and physically, but the planner is there with you every step of the way, to support, guide and encourage you. You may feel like you are the only one in the world feeling like you do, but I promise you you’re not.

This planner is supported by an online support group so you can also access additional peer support through your fertility journey. 

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