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Coping on Mother’s Day When You Are TTC

March 13, 2023 5 min read

Mother’s day (along with every other special date) is often a really tough day when you are still desperately trying to have your longed for baby. This blog features some tips to help you get through Mother’s Day. 

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The secret heartache of Mother’s Day when you are struggling to conceive

March 13, 2023 7 min read

If a friend/family member confides in you that she is struggling to conceive and undergoing fertility treatment, the most important thing you can do for her is to be there for her, allow her to talk when she wants to and be sensitive to how she is feeling. 

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Supporting your loved one at Christmas

November 22, 2022 6 min read

If someone you know and love is struggling to get pregnant or is going through IVF, there are lots of little ways you can help them this Christmas that will make a big difference to how they feel this Christmas time. They will really appreciate the fact you care and want to support them.
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Coping at Christmas Time

November 22, 2022 7 min read

It is so important at this time of year to focus on self-care and the things you do have, rather than the things you don’t. It is easier to cope with things when you are feeling stronger emotionally and taking care of yourself.
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Interview with a Reflexologist

July 01, 2022 1 min read

As part of my Taking Control series I have interviewed the very lovely Barbara Scott, who is the Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexology, about the benefits of reflexology.
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Project Us Vs Project Baby

June 10, 2022 7 min read

Fertility struggles can put enormous pressure on a relationship and it is a huge thing to go through as a couple. After time ‘Project Baby’ can take the focus away from you as a couple.
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Questions To Think About After a Failed Cycle

March 30, 2022 2 min read

A failed IVF cycle is devastating. You pin all your hopes on it working, so when it doesn’t you don’t know what to do next. We look for explanations as to why it failed to help us process it and cope.

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living with Endometriosis - Interview with Emma Kemsley

March 16, 2022 1 min read

I interviewed the very lovely Emma Kemsley on her experience of endometriosis. We talk about her experience of living with endometriosis, getting a diagnosis, and how she now copes with her symptoms.

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The benefits of journaling through Infertility

November 05, 2021 4 min read

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of journaling, both physically and emotionally. Journaling has been found to improve your emotional and physical health, by reducing stress, boosting your mood and improving memory function.



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Taking Control Series - Interview with Chris @ IVF Dad Podcast on a mans perspective of infertility

November 05, 2021 1 min read

As part of my Taking Control series I have interviewed the lovely Chris Lawson, who created the IVF Dad Podcast about infertility from a man's perspective.
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Taking Control Series - Interview with Rachel Cutting on how the HFEA can support you through IVF

October 25, 2021 1 min read

As part of my Taking Control series I have interviewed the lovely Rachel Cutting, an embryologist and the Director of Compliance and Information for the HFEA, the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment and the first statutory body of this type in the world.
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Taking Control Series - Interview with Zoe Clarke-Coates on baby loss and pregnancy after loss

October 25, 2021 1 min read

As part of my Taking Control series I have interviewed the amazing Zoe Clarke-Coates MBE, co-founder the Mariposa Trust, a leading support charity primarily working within the field of baby loss and bereavement.
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